Mia Cosco

Passionate project manager and heart-centred leader
Vancouver, Canada
Mia Cosco
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With a deep passion for healing hearts and minds, Mia Cosco has dedicated her life to

advancing psychology to integrate the newest paradigms in science for mainstream

acceptance and societal benefit. Mia received her B.A in Psychology while at the

University of British Columbia. While there, she formed the first cross-functional student

organization where she led as President to integrate cutting edge science of plant

medicine into a dialogue across all faculties. Through partnerships with MAPS, the Law

Society, Psymposia, and others, she gathered scientific leaders, law enforcement,

shamans, and international researchers to educate and advance the academic

acceptance of medicine.

While in school, Mia worked as a Behaviour Interventionist where her personal

philosophy of love translated into enhancing social skills for children with autism and

ADD/ADHD. Mia turned her experience in psychological office management and

multimodal healing into working alongside the founder at Elevation Capital on personal

brand management, project fundraising, and outreach towards partnerships. It was not

long until she was recruited by The Visioneers to manage projects of both large and

small size to bring her knowledge of impactful healing and conscious business to the


Presently, Mia manages everything from digitally publishing revolutionary futuristic

novels, to managing events with industry and thought leaders in sustainability, to

boosting startups and exposure to some of the foremost leading motivational speakers.

If the calling is making a difference in the world to create a better place, Mia brings her

heart, mind, and soul entirely to the project. Mia is passionate about the arts and

humanities and is an avid reader,