Paul Kronenberg

Paul Kronenberg
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2021)
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Paul Kronenberg

Paul Kronenberg is a “Social-Change-Engineer”.  With a technical background graduating in mechanical engineering, computer science, commercial technology, and data-communication system science, he focuses on the running and operational management of Kanthari.

Paul is a fervent eco-friendly and cost effective “open hardware” technology and architecture fan. He is always on the lookout for answers that will help to build a better tomorrow; be it physical in terms of technical solutions, or be it mental, strengthening the self of others.

Paul and Sabriye started Braille Without Borders in 1998 and in 2005 the foundation for Kanthari was laid in Trivandrum, India. They developed the unique kanthari “Journey in five acts” Curriculum; an intense experiential and hands on learning experience that provides social change makers with necessary tools to start and run own social ventures.

As a public speaker, asking questions like “why?” and “why not?”, Paul uses wit and humor to mirror the true shape of the world that makes one think and reflect about what can/must be done differently as to become part of the solution.

Change from Within
Trivandrum, Kerala, South of India