Ray Keene, OBE

Chess Grandmaster, Author, Chancellor of The Tony Buzan Academy, President of The Institute for Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, Imperial College
London, England
Ray Keene, OBE
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2019)
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Raymond Keene has made many contributions to the development of human excellence in numerous fields, in particular, Raymond has been an important and significant contributor to the world of chess and charity work. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II awarded Ray the title Officer of the British Empire (OBE) in person for his services to the United Kingdom and beyond. He is an international Chess Grandmaster, Chess Correspondent of The Times and author of 202 books translated into 16 languages. He is also the Chairman of the English Chess Association and of the Howard Staunton Society. Ray has raised funding for and organized major Mind Sports events including three World Chess Championships, twenty seven world Memory Championships and the first ever world championship between a human and a computer program (Dr Tinsley v Chinook in Draughts, London 1992). Ray is currently chair of The Buzan Group of Companies which include Mind Sports World Championships in Memory, Mind Mapping and Speed Reading, online Mind Power Training, Publications, Software and Global Licensing of the Intellectual copyright and educational theories of the late Tony Buzan. He is also Chancellor of The Tony Buzan Academy and President of The Institute for Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition based at London's Imperial College.