Rex Weyler

Environmental activist, writer and co-founder of Greenpeace, and co-founder of Hollyhock Conference Centre in Canada
Cortes Island, BC, Canada
Rex  Weyler
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2018)
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Rex was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up across the western United States. During his university education in Los Angeles, he became disillusioned with how the educational establishment was collaborating in the Vietnam War effort. He dropped out of university, became an activist and came to Canada in 1972 and was one of the founders of Greenpeace. His photographs of Greenpeace protesting the Russian whaling fleet in 1975 went around the world, and Greenpeace became an international environmental phenomenon. In 1982 Rex left Greenpeace, but still writes their blog called “Deep Green.” He moved with his family to Cortes Island in the northern Salish Sea (the Strait of Georgia) in British Columbia, where with a few others he founded Hollyhock, which has become a world class conference centre focusing on solutions for a better future. Rex is an accomplished author of many disparate titles about big themes from environmentalism to the American Indian Movement to The Jesus Sayings. He is now working with a coalition of 80 Amazon communities, assisting them to get compensation for their ancestral homes destroyed by oil giants Texaco and Chevron.