Robert C Haliburton

Accountant, community builder, believer in 'paying it forward'
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I am a Retired CPA. I believe that "paying it forward" will give you a more enriched life. My parents were children of the Great Depression; my father was in the RCAF in WWII. He sustained extensive and critical injuries, in a crash landing, when returning from a sortee in July 1944. My parents helped to create the great life we enjoy today, through their War Efforts, Work Ethic, and belief in Community Involvement. They taught me respect for others and self accountability. They always said there are three kinds of people; those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who say "What happened"? I like to be one of those "who make it happen". We need to learn from the past so we can head in positive and sustainable directions; hopefully generations from now will be thanking us for our contributions, just as I do for my parents.