Group facilitator, educator and environmentalist
San Diego
I am a retired public high school teacher of the humanities and have been traveling the world over the past 50 years. Notably, I was at the forefront of building a bridge of trust and understanding between citizens of the Soviet Union and those of us in U. S., especially high school youth. I participated in extensive travel to the USSR in the '80's meeting with and encouraging sister school relationships with those in San Diego County. We also brought Soviet youth with their chaperones here to San Diego for home visits and community activities. We were hosted by the mayor and city council and local newspaper. Feature stories were published in the newspaper and local TV channel. The mayor inaugurated a festival of Soviet theatrical events and sponsored free educational materials for the schools. We were bridging hearts and minds with in person visits, activities and cultural and historical understanding. The wheel has significantly turned since then and more urgent needs are here.
I was trained as a facilitator for Dr. Herbert Otto's program of Developing Personal Potential and regularly facilitated such groups for adults in San Diego.
Today, I am actively participating and facilitating a spiritual study group which I started 30+ years ago. We consider spiritual teachings and how we are applying them in our lives. We currently are working with Terry Patten's book, A New Republic of the Heart.
I joined the Institute of Noetic Sciences founded by Edgar Mitchell upon receiving a personal letter from him outlining the purposes of the Institute, his inspiration to do so and inviting me to join as a charter member. (can't remember how many years ago that was...but many!)
I am 89 years young, a trained dancer currently doing amazing performances with my professional partner and still traveling the world.