Sanford Hinden

Supporting the growth in Consciousness, Compassion, Collaboration, Co-intelligence & Co-creativity for Earth and humanity.
Huntington Station, New York
Sanford Hinden
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My life work has been for peace, the environment, culture, health and human services, and in community and global development.

I have worked as an administrator, program director, fundraiser, group facilitator and an as organizer, developing programs for marketing, audience building, public relations, membership, customer service and training.

I served in United Nations related non-governmental work for 23 years and with the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center as executive director for 12 years.

I enjoyed writing 7 Keys to Love and continue my life-long learning about love, compassion, kindness and communication. I was given an Outstanding Advocate for the Arts Award by the Long Island Arts Council.

In 2019, my goal is to launch Conscious Planet News ~ CPN YouTube channel to report my latest findings and have creative conversations on personal development, human relations and global sustainability.

In 2015, I started the Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity to create Global Demilitarization through National Military Budget Reductions of 5% a year to be used for spending on Earthcare, Human Development, Social Stabilization and Infrastructure that create Enlightened People, Thriving Families, Creative Communities, Worker-Owned Cooperatives, Regional Integrated Cooperation, International Peace and a Sustainable Planet.

I welcome opportunities to speak publicly, provide workshops, facilitate groups, and coach individuals, couples, organizations and communities on personal development, communication, human relations and problem-solving skills.

It is a great joy to present entertaining, fun, educational, informative programs that help individuals, couples, families and organizations realize their full-potential and enjoy life more.

I facilitate a weekly Saturday Night Conversation Club in my community and a quarterly Wisdom Circle for Long Island.

My life work is to help humanity and Earth be healthy.