Tavis Settles

Network Engineer, Internet Security Specialist, father, community leader and Block Watch volunteer
Calgary, Alberta
Tavis Settles
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Tavis is a married father of two in his forties.  Born and raised in Calgary,  He works for a local oil and gas company as a senior network engineer. He is one of the founding members of the building safer communities block watch and has helped build it to what it is today. His goal is to roll the program out to as many communities as possible As he sees the value of the program in not only lowering crime, by bringing local citizens together. The block watch allows neighbours to get to know each other through community events while sharing a common goal. As an active member in the community, he uses his spare time to help other citizens stay informed and work with local law enforcement to help lower crime in the area.  
Successfully building trust between neighbourhoods and the police and decreasing crime statistics.
Calgary, Canada