Zamir Dhanji

Yoga Educator. Visionary. Storyteller Author of Inner Path Deck
Vancouver, BC

Namaste Friend,

Yoga for me is a way of life. One that teaches me how to live with integrity to cosmic principles, or what in sanskrit is called "dharma". I was first taught hatha yoga by a 90 year old woman in India; this showed me that asana is not only for everyone, but if continually practiced it will keep our minds sharp and our bodies healthy.

For her, yoga was about health, integrity, community and the realization of Unity. 

My deeper Hatha yoga training was under David Goulet, founder of the Chakra Yoga system, which he adapted from his studies with the late Swami Gitananda from Pondicherry, India. The focus of this approach to yoga is on truly understanding the mind-body connection and applying the various systems of yoga in an integrated way to promote the bodies natural healing abilities.

It is strongly influenced by developments in modern biology, physics and chemistry to provide a holistic and paradigm-shifting understanding of the body-mind system, one that complements the scientific knowledge of ancient yogis. 

My spiritual Guru of the last eight years is Buddhist Wisdom Master, Maticintin. She is a lineage holder of "Mind Treasure Teachings", meaning they come forth as a direct means of cultivating the mind of enlightenment. In its highest expression it known as Ati-yoga (or primordial yoga) and primarily focuses on meditation and Buddhist logic.

The path as a whole includes the study of Buddhist teachings and applying oneself as a bodhisattva, meaning dedication to the ideal of attaining enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings as a servant of life.

Dance, music, storytelling and poetry are also creative ways that I explore the resonance of unity - aiding my communion with the Divine spark in myself and others around me.

I look forward to meeting and serving you on this path to wholeness... which is none other than a return to our natural state.

My deep bows to all of my teachers and to my Guru for providing knowledge and inspiration on this beautiful path of Oneness.