Bard on the Beach

Shakesperean production company employing, educating, and training dozens of talented artists, technicians and year-round administrators to present accessible shows to the community at large.
Vancouver, Canada
Projects of Good Work Award
Winner (2017)
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 It began as an Equity Co-op, but is now a fully professional company with a global reputation for the quality of its work, employing dozens of talented artists, technicians and year-round administrators.

Bard’s primary focus is its annual summer festival in Vanier Park, which is held under canvas in iconic white-and-red striped tents by the edge of the water with a backdrop of Stanley Park and the stunning North Shore Mountains. The summer festival attracts annually over 100,000 people, and entering its 28th season has seen nearly 2 million visitors. Bard’s other key elements include education and training for both the artistic community and the general community at large, including summer day camps for children.

In the words of Christopher Gaze, Bard’s founder and Artistic Director, “Experiencing Shakespearean drama at its finest opens the door for attendees to see the richness and vibrancy of the arts, and inspires people to fulfill the potential they see in themselves.”