Tony Buzan

Inventor of mind mapping
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Tony was born on 2 June 1942 in Palmers Green, Middlesex, England. He attended the Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver, the University of British Columbia and the Simon Fraser University.

Tony was best known as the inventor of mind mapping, which he sometimes referred to as a “Swiss army knife for the brain”, but he also made important contributions to all aspects of accelerated learning. He wrote over 140 books translated into over 30 languages on thinking, genius and the brain.

Tony was the editor of the International Journal of Mensa. He presented the TV series ‘Use Your Head’ for the BBC. He was a coach for the British rowing team at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. He founded the Brain Trust charity and the Brain of the Year Award. He co-founded the World Memory Championship. He held the Torrance Test accolade for the most outstanding results in Creative Thinking. He founded the Buzan Group, which runs courses in mind mapping. He was nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize, won countless awards from governments, corporations and educational institutions and visited almost 80 countries in his quest to bring about global mental literacy

Tony Buzan died on April 13, 2019, aged 76 after suffering a cardiac arrest. Those of us who knew him will miss his warmth, his humour, his energy and his tireless dedication to helping each and every one of us to make better use of what he called “that sleeping giant – the human brain”.