Betty J. Kovacs, PhD

Author, Professor, focus on the reemergence in Western culture of our shaman-mystic-scientist tradition of higher states of consciousness and what this means for us today
Claremont, California, USA
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Betty Kovacs

Betty J. Kovacs, PhD received her doctorate from the University of California, Irvine, in Comparative Literature and Theory of Symbolic/Mythic Language. She taught Mythology and Fairy Tales as literary structures that reveal the organizing principles of human development, as well as Comparative Literature and Writing. She served many years as Chair and Program Chair on the Board of Directors of the Jung Society of Claremont in California and sits on the Academic Advisory Board of Forever Family Foundation.



Merchants of Light: The Consciousness That Is Changing the World 

Nautilus Silver Book Award
The Scientific & Medical Network 2019 Book Prize
As Western culture struggles with its addiction to a tragically limited and negative worldview, evidence of our shaman-mystic-scientist past, persistently repressed by Church and State, is emerging with the blueprint for our evolution. This blueprint is revealed in the heart wisdom of the mystic and in the new science of quantum physics. Both nurture and support the sacred knowledge of our immortality, divinity, and creativity. This is the wisdom of the whole mind — the visionary and the rational, the feminine and the masculine, the mystic and the scientist. This is the consciousness that is changing the world.

The Miracle of Death: There Is Nothing But Life
An inspiring narrative of one family’s extraordinary grief experiences, including precognitive dreams, visions, afterdeath communications, out of body experiences, and synchronistic events, surrounding multiple deaths in their family. The sole survivor and narrator is a Western trained academic who initially struggled to accept realities that ultimately changed every aspect of her life. Weaving personal, historical and mythic perspectives, Dr. Kovacs shows us that such individual experiences along with cutting-edge scientific research support a radical change in the way we think about death — and life.


Recent Webinars/Videos:

Frequency of Love in a Dying World by Betty J. Kovacs, PhD, a video meditation on our loss of the intelligence of the Heart, the Holy Grail of Love.

Merchants of Light: The Consciousness That Is Changing the World, webinar. Dr. Kovacs tracks the development of shaman-mystic-scientist cultures in the Western world and focuses on the original myth of the Tree of Life as the blueprint for our conscious development. A Forever Family Foundation webinar.

The Inversion of Our True Myths with Betty Kovacs, first interview on New Thinking Allowed with Host Jeffrey Mishlove. Dr. Kovacs maintains that original myths describe our connection with an invisible world. This is expressed in ancient cave cultures and shamanic-mystic traditions worldwide. She focuses on the myth of the Tree of Life as inverted by the Deuteronomists around 621 BCE and shows how this inversion has shaped Western culture and caused much suffering.  


Working On What Has Decayed with Betty Kovacs, second interview on New Thinking Allowed with Host Jeffrey Mishlove. Dr. Kovacs reflects upon World War II and the dark side of humanity’s psyche. She points out that working on the shadow must always begin with oneself. She emphasizes the necessity of connecting the intellect with one’s own heart. The legend of Faust exemplifies this principle.


Urgent Message! Can You Hear Us Now? with Dr. Betty J. Kovacs and Janet Mayer, webinar.  Dr. Kovacs discusses Western culture’s loss of our sacred relationship with the earth, a relationship still alive in most indigenous traditions. Some of these traditions are urgently attempting to communicate with us about the dire condition of our planet. Janet Mayer explains how one indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest is communicating through her in their own ancient language. Janet’s experience defies our Western concept of “reality.” A Forever Family Foundation webinar.


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