When the Earth Still Had One Thousand Days

featuring Dr. Robert Mulller
Geraldine Schwartz
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This documentary captures the wisdom and experience of Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Chancellor of the United Nations University of Peace in Costa Rica, when he spoke to school children in Vancouver, Canada at a youth congress called Global Citizenship 2000 on April 6, 1997 at 1000 days to the year 2000.  It is rare archival content of one of humanity’s great global citizens speaking with sensitivity, compassion and authenticity to children about the new responsibility of children at that time to become global citizens and take responsibility for the Earth and all life on it.  Produced and narrated by the founders of the Visioneers International Network, Dr. Desmond Berghofer and Dr. Geraldine Schwartz.

The documentary was played on the British Columbia Knowledge Network Educational Channel in 1997.  It is available through the Visioneers International Network   for use in schools and other youth organizations for teaching about environmental responsibility.