A Poetic Journey of Awakening the Inner Fire
Alexander Schieffer

"Firebird is more than a story. It is a transformative experience. My whole body/mind was enraptured as I turned each loving page and slowly progressed from yearning for to ultimately experiencing Reality. You will be enriched a hundred-fold if you place this little book gently in your hands." Nancy Roof, PhD, Editor, Kosmos Journal "This work is a magical journey that will certainly escort many into the upper realms of enlightened freedom and inner peace. What a wonderful gift that is destined to be found by those looking, and those not aware that they were looking!" Joe Ross, Author of Last Days on Earth "An exquisite bouquet of poems, gathered by a soul that has discovered his true voice." Anne Baring, Author of The Dream of the Cosmos "I have a feeling that Alexander Schieffer is beginning to sound like Rumi." Scilla Elworthy, PhD, Author of Pioneering the Possible, Three Times Nominee for Nobel Peace Prize.