Beyond Knowledge: How Technology Is Driving an Age of Consciousness

Beyond Knowledge Lies the Triumph of Human Spirit

The Knowledge Age of the past two decades is passing today as the digital revolution and artificial intelligence replace knowledge work. Halal’s study of social evolution explains how this marks the passage to a new frontier beyond knowledge that is poorly understood – an “Age of Consciousness” is here. But more pandemics, climate change, gross inequality, gridlock and other threats form a “Crisis of Maturity” that is blocking this historic transformation.

This book provides a wealth of evidence and leading examples of an emerging “global consciousness” now driving the world to grow up, resolve this global crisis and develop a sustainable world order – or perish. With foresight and hard work, we could see the triumph of human spirit, once again.

  • Chapter 1 Introduction: The Noosphere is Here
  • Chapter 2 Promises and Perils of the Technology Revolution: Eating Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge
  • Chapter 3 Uniting Science and Spirit: Technologies of Consciousness
  • Chapter 4 Democratic Enterprise: Collaboration Between Business and Society
  • Chapter 5 New Social Contract: Centrist Politics and Government Markets
  • Chapter 6 Virtual Education: The Uneasy Shift from Teaching to Learning
  • Chapter 7 From Religion to Spirit: The Ultimate Technique of Consciousness
  • Chapter 8 Managing Our Minds: Living and Working in Spirit
  • Chapter 9 Toward a Global Consciousness: Start by Being Responsible
  • Chapter 10 Evolution’s Climax: The Flowering of Human Spirit