The Dream of the Cosmos

A Quest for the Soul
Anne Baring

The Dream of the Cosmos, twenty years in the making, is one of the publishing events of the year: brilliant, profound and magisterial in its scope. In it she addresses the real cultural roots of our multifaceted crisis — spiritual, psychological, ecological, social, political and economic.

Much attention since 2008 has been directed to the economic symptoms that are now translating into a widespread social malaise, but few commentators have plumbed the depths as this book does and called for a radically new outlook. For too long the soul and the feminine principle have been marginalised and suppressed, but Anne Baring’s life experience and passionate engagement have enabled her to understand and articulate the imbalance in our Western culture and show how it can be overcome. The book is a symbol of hope and renaissance - essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the patterns of Western cultural history and the potentials of its future development.