Matt Foran

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Matt Foran is a Toronto-based Co-Founder of Simple Movement eLearning and Founder and CEO of KnowMeQ, a purpose-driven EdTech and HR Tech platform whose AI solutions and science-validated tools are committed to empowering individuals – to strengthen their companies and enrich their communities.

Matt holds a Masters of Education from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education,  in Adult Education, with a specialization in Workplace Learning and Social Change.

Matt began working community literacy spaces and employment services, serving a multi-barriered urban adult population twenty years ago.  He has held progressive roles working within organizations to constructively shape spaces as a College Administrator, digital accessibility consultant and Professor.  He is a published researcher and in 2010, founded the world’s first fully online adult literacy program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults.  He is a recognized thought leader within the Canadian adult literacy community.

In 2015, Matt launched Simple Movement eLearning with Vanessa Dunn, an eLearning company committed to excellence which are informed by Universal Design for Learning and accessible learning experiences for all learners.  In 2022, Matt launched KnowMeQ, a science-validated skills assessment platform for companies to use for effective worker recruitment, promotion and retention.  KnowMeQ’s AI-Accelerated Credit for Prior Learning tool – used in Canada and USA by colleges is designed to expedite postsecondary credit recognition for adults including newcomers, Indigenous learners, Veterans and mid-career shifters for their previous work and education experiences (faster to up-skill – quicker to make an effective career move).

The working thesis of KnowMeQ is informed by Delphi maxims of Know Thyself – put another way, of all the “Q’s” in the world, IQ, EQ –the most important “Q” is to know me.. KnowMeQ. 

In the midst of seismic shifts to workforces and economies from social, governmental and technology, Matt’s work and focus is to keep humans at the centre of success, as agents of change and stewards who can positively shape where and how their communities thrive.

Within his local community, Matt’s active stewardship includes leading twice annual food drives and hikes for hospice care alongside his wife and young son.