Barbara Gaughen-Muller
Team Captain

Quintessential global citizen and activist, communications specialist and peace advocate.
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Barbara Gaughen-Muller
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2018)
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Barbara Gaughen-Muller, is the quintessential global citizen and activist who focuses her work on bringing peace to her community, her country and the entire global village. Believing in the power of conversation for peace, she co-authored Revolutionary Conversations: The Tools You Need for the Success You Want and is the co-CEO of Revolutionary Conversations, LLC, showing how peace begins with each of us. Her weekly Power Of Peace Podcasts with World Peacemakers, Authors and Non-Government Organizations are available on You Tube and under Media at Barbara has served as president of the Santa Barbara and Tri-Counties Chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA ( ) and created the Santa Barbara UNA Peace Prize to honour peacemakers working locally on global problems. As the co-founder and program director of the Rotary E Club of World Peace, she hosts podcasts with world peacemakers at weekly meetings: She helped orchestrate the first Rotary World Peace Conference in 2016 and her interviews with 75 of the peace speakers are available on line at Barbara co-authored with her late husband and partner Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, “7500 Ideas for a Better World”, shared daily on in 5 world languages. Barbara is a dynamic, passionate, spiritually aware and awake woman whose positive, insightful “Peace is possible” message is an inspiration to friends and colleagues. She continues to speak for peace among nations and how to end the war on nature, as she creates solutions for solving future challenges before it is too late.