Cynthia Franca

Author, local contributing artist/writer who has shared bi-lingual poetry, storytelling artist talks, and paintings at community arts events in Massachusetts. Coordinator, editor and poet of the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Poetry Anthology Project, poetry juror and editor of Art on The Trails project, and co-director of the Creative Circles – Art for All!, a community art program.
Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA

I like to cultivate creative life forces for family, work, art, and community. Wherever I go, I want to light up the world with my creative sparks. When I was 15 years old and living in Brazil, I would pass out flowers to strangers that I would see on the streets of Brazil, just to see people smile. Before moving to the United States in October 2012, I worked as a marketing professional where I was engaged in similar work…not only getting people to smile but getting them to make the most of their time at work. I reportedly found ways to transform the corporate climate into one of a caring and interconnected family who rallied to work together more cohesively and with new-found reserves of creative resources. I initiated with a friend the creation of a corporate competitive running club to help promote a sense of collaborative team spirit as well as mind/body health. As a team, this group competed in many local corporate races. But most importantly, they had fun and grew more connected and inspired not only as a company, but as individual human beings who went home to their own families and circles, feeling healthier and happier as well. I also brought the creative art of theatrical performance into my workplace. I always love innovation. I encouraged the staff that I worked with to frequently participate in role-play situations to help learn and communicate new concepts at work. I acknowledge that using both mind and body in acting out stories as a group helped work relations and productivity improve. Seven years ago, my family and I moved to the United States to live in Hopkinton, Massachusetts for family work and educational reasons. Initially it was a true culture shock. Arriving with my family in mid-winter days of snow where I did not have a job, I rarely saw people outside in my neighborhood and did not “know a soul” beyond my own family. Rather than to grieve the loss of my former career that I loved so well, I decided to dig in and make the most of my time in a new community and country. It was a challenge at first to connect what I used to do with who I am now and here in a new setting. I decided to take painting classes at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts in 2013. I have also become involved in sharing my poetry and both oral and written stories with community. I contribute to the local open mic community by reading from my book of poetry published in Brazil at local literary arts events. I have also shared true stories from my life at local events for storytelling. I also often contributes to local community businesses and programs pro bono by sharing my insights and ideas from my past work experience, like Hopkinton Running Club (2013), Wake Up and Smell the Poetry and Meet your Neighbor Programs at HCAM TV (2014), Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham, MA(2015), and Hopkinton Center for the Arts (2017). Furthermore, I athletically practice what I preached back at work in Brazil, by joining the Hopkinton Running Club in 2013. I have participated in more than 40 local races (5k, 10k, 5 miles, Half Marathon, and Marathon). What inspires me on these new creative endeavors in a foreign country? I believe in our interconnection and the importance of our work here as humans. I further believe that all humans are here with the potential to do something …in large ways and small that can serve to change the lives of others. I admit that just as I had done with my work, I re-evaluate what I can do in my own life and try to contribute to the world around me. As my early days of passing flowers out to, I like to help others, and I believe that I am giving other kinds of flowers now. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication in Media and Advertising, an MBA in Marketing from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. My experience 10/1/2018-7/31/2019: Marketing Manager at Body n’ Beyond Massage Therapy & Wellness and Synasoma Corporate Wellness in Hopkinton, MA. Sponsor to implement effective marketing and communication strategies to promote the Body n’ Beyond and Synasoma’s mission, collaborating with other team members to develop and execute marketing, media, promotional and communication plans. 2017-2019: Co-Director and Founder of Creative Circles – Art for All! Art Program in Hopkinton, MA, Community art program launched in February 2017, in partnership with Hopkinton Center for the Arts (HCA). The program offers artists’ talks and special exhibitions at the HCA. 6/7/2017–present: Poetry Juror, Poet, and Editor of the project “Art on the Trails”, 2017, 2018, and 2019, coordinated by the artist Catherine Weber in Southborough, MA ( 3/1/2017 – Guest Speaker -Presentation “Going Forth in Your Own Happiness” - at Labyrinth Roundtable Program, hosted by Cheryl Perreault, at Roots and Wings Yoga/Healing Arts Center in Natick, MA 12/19/2015: Guest Feature participation on the TV program Wake Up and Smell the Poetry (HCAM-TV) 9/19/2015: Poet in the project “Poetry on the Trail” in Hopkinton, MA at the Center Trail, coordinated by Polly Brown and Cheryl Perreault. Poems published in the two editions of the project in 2015 and 2016 2/2015 – 11/2015: Coordinator, Co-Editor, and Poet of the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Poetry Anthology Project, an anthology of poetry by community members in celebration of the 300th town's anniversary ( 4/8/2014: Guest Interviewed for the Program Meet your Neighbor on the HCAM-TV, Hopkinton, MA 3/28/2014: Guest Storyteller participation – Presentation “Moving” at Zen Mothra, Hopkinton, MA 1/18/2014: Open-Mic participation performing bilingual poetry on the TV program Wake Up and Smell the Poetry (HCAM-TV) 4/29/2003: Author of a book of Brazilian poetry, Poetic Treasure, published in Brazil. 5/9/1994 – 10/10/2012: Security Coordinator of Fundação Sistel de Seguridade Social (Pension Fund), Brasília, Brazil