Domen Kocevar

Domen Kocevar
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2020)
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Domen Kocevar studied Sociology-Theology at the University of Maribor.   He is currently working on his PhD thesis ONE HUMANITY.  

He is the co-founder along with Dr. Nina Meyerhof  of the ONE HUMANITY INSTITUTE in Auschwitz-Oswiecim, Poland.

He is part  of the international group called EVOLUTIONARY LEADERS.   

Domen is also the founder and director of The Alma M. Karlin Theosophical Library in Slovenia with more than 11,000 books on all religions, spiritual paths, philosophy, sociology, new science, economics, and community living approaches.

He the co-founded of the social impact hub called 2030 which focuses on accelerating solutions for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals - SDG's.

His work is focused on the concept that we are One Humanity and involves practical social and spiritual exploration and activism. He studies perennial wisdom, encouraging comparative research on religions/spiritual traditions combined with science and philosophy.   

Domen has experience in diverse areas that include medicine, education and social activism. He is keen on health and well- being of individuals and societies. He established a medical clinic in Slovenia to serve local people with the highest quality of innovative procedures.