Karie Starre

Artist, Designer, Naturalist and Gardener, Environmental Entrepreneur

Karie Starre has dedicated his life to a process of working with nature’s elements. An Artist, Designer, Naturalist and Gardener, he combines these disciplines to interpret the seen and unseen parts of nature. Karie Starre has developed a process that allows the revealing of natures true intelligence, through the repeating geometries found throughout our bodies, the planet and the entire cosmos. His goal is to synthesis the human /nature aspects that provide renewing and rejuvenating effect for both healing of the planet and healing of the body, mind and spirit. Karie Stare builds permanent landscapes that are living spaces for native flora / fauna, and the habitat that sustains and thrives in them, while also providing human space for recreation, shelter, and food sources. With over 100 projects located throughout Alberta and BC, Karie has designed and built; parks, acreages, retreats, restaurant patios, small scale commercial and hi end residential properties. These sustainable gardens and landscapes have a sculptural quality that compliments the embodied architecture and the micro-macro environment. Karie Starre believes that the way we do things is as important as the result. The act of turning over the ground is a huge responsibility, and he honours this role deeply. Karie Starre was born into a intergenerational horticultural family, and has learned his way around plants, soils, and the structural elements of space. Utilizing existing elements in an eco-region, he process’s and sorts these elements on-site, into new creative artistic arrangements, that provide all that is required for human / nature invitation. Today Karie Starre is poised to bring his experience into new and broader territory in the form of teaching, mentoring, and guiding others into roles of earth stewardship. Karie is envisioning the training of an army of earthworker warriors, poised to embody the consciousness, stamina, and ethics to reclaim, rejuvenate, protect and restore the global environment. As a promotor of sustainability, Karie Starre furthers his commitment to support products and initiatives through his role as vice president of Gobloc Tech Inc., a green construction initiative that utilizes organic, industry by-products into building materials. This initiative focuses on providing local communities with a livelihood based on eco-commerce and wholonomic systems. Working with first peoples, his focus is to assist in bringing ancestral, and perennial knowledge to the forefront of todays culture, in order to herald in a new revolutionary way of doing things, beyond our industrial, corporate paradigm. Karie Starre enthusiastically joins the Visioneers in the quest to realize the unfoldment of new sustainable systems built upon bio-mimicry models that continually renew and refine the way we do things.