Liseli A. Fitzpatrick, PhD

Spiritually grounded and free-spirited Trinidadian poet, and professor of African Cosmologies and Sacred Ontologies.
Wellesley, Massachusetts,USA

Dr. Liseli A. Fitzpatrick is a Trinidadian poet, scholar-practitioner, and professor of African Diasporic cosmologies and sacred ontologies at Wellesley College, MA in the Department of Africana Studies.

In 2018, Fitzpatrick became the first Ph.D. in the Department of African American and African Studies at The Ohio State University, a historic milestone in an institution founded in 1870 with an average population of 60,000 students. Her heart-infused work foregrounds themes of African cosmological thought, identity, community, ecological reverence, the (in)voluntary movement of persons of African descent, and the pervasive effects of colonialism in the construction of the West.

Fitzpatrick is passionate about cultivating sacred spaces and consciousness, not limited to religiosity; and, is a cultural enthusiast at heart. Her penchant for spirituality paired with her altruistic spirit informs her life path, and dedication to humanity. She values her space in the world, and emphasizes the importance of teaching to enlighten, encourage, and empower.

Fitzpatrick says that she teaches what she lives and lives what she teaches. Through embodied wisdom and works of art, Fitzpatrick seeks to engender emancipatory change by presenting an expansive and inclusive worldview from a universal African cosmological perspective. In essence, she is committed to the co-creation of a breathable, just, and compassionate planet for all. Music, love, family, plants, water expanses, earth,Trinidad & Tobago and art enliven her spirit.