Medical physicist dedicated to teaching the underlying physics behind the Art of Peace.
Atlanta, Georgia
Peace Builder, Mediator, Restorative, Non-violence advocate
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2022)
General Coordinator of the Living Peace International
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2022)
Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA
Author, Intuitive Life Coach, Musician and Sound Healer: Envisioning a world of peace, love, compassion, empathy, diversity celebration, equality and hope
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2020)
Co-Founder of the One Humanity Institute, President and Founder, Children of the Earth, and is considered a visionary thought leader around the world
South Burlington, Vermont
A plant scientist, equal rights and mental health advocate also with passionate about bridging the gap between science and society.
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Founder of A Year Without War, Philosophy Professor, Author, Writer, US Professor of the Year
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2019)
Humanitarian, peacemaker, artist, writer ,poet
Wellesley, Massachusetts,USA
Spiritually grounded and free-spirited Trinidadian poet, and professor of African Cosmologies and Sacred Ontologies.
Santa Cruz, CA
philosopher, mystic, teacher, environmentalist, economist, author, creator, Person of the Earth
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Co-founder, Ceeds of Peace, Co-founder, Institute for Climate and Peace, Consultant, Author, PhD in Multicultural Education
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2019)
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Colorado, United States
Connecting humanity to ourselves, each other and the world through personal awareness, the building of community and mindfulness of our connectedness.