Journeys of Second Adulthood

Journeys of Second Adulthood
Geraldine Schwartz

Journeys of Second Adulthood - A Woman's Search for Higher Ground 

Journeys of Second Adulthood, written with lyrical exuberance and insightful wisdom, captures the post modern feminine voice as the text sweeps across the profound issues affecting both the state of the world and the quality of our personal lives in the early years of the 21st century. 

Informed by science and passionate about human potential for goodness and even greatness, the author uses poetry, an intimate personal story and clearly written essays to describe both the wonder of human nobility and the fierce moral courage it will take to overcome those who perpetuate evil acts of violence and terrorism. 

The essays distill the essential feminine voice heard over the centuries for women and men of our time. They take away the honour given in the past to those who conquered with war and violence, and shines the light of thoughtful, tender and honest consideration on both the victims and the victors of the past to consider what is worth doing in the future. 

Journeys of Second Adulthood speaks to the wise and mature traveler. It inspires each one to look to his or her own unique talents and potential and apply them to serving the needs of the world, both locally in our own neighborhoods and communities, and strategically in partnership with others more broadly to claim the future for our children and grandchildren that we would be proud to pass on as the legacy of our most fortunate generations. 

This book was written for those willing to be inspired to make a difference.