Brandi Dugal

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Brandi Dugal is an innovative educator, literacy advocate, and founder of The Fidget Game, a groundbreaking initiative addressing the global literacy crisis through game-based learning tools. With extensive experience teaching across the globe, from Vietnam to Bahrain, Brandi's work is rooted in her deep passion for education and her commitment to finding solutions for learners of all abilities.

Brandi holds a Master’s degree in Education and has dedicated her career to developing engaging and effective educational resources grounded in the science of reading. Her innovative approach ensures that no child is left behind, regardless of their learning needs.

The impact of Brandi's work is evident, with The Fidget Game's reading games now being used in over 50,000 schools worldwide. This widespread adoption underscores the effectiveness of her educational tools.

Recognizing the critical need for accessible educational resources, Brandi established The Fidget Forward program, which donates a portion of proceeds from every game sold to provide educational resources to schools and families in need.

Brandi's commitment to educational innovation extends to creating LexiLearn, a program specifically designed for children with dyslexia, and developing learning kits for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She is also pioneering a gamified reading curriculum currently being piloted in schools, leveraging the latest research to tackle literacy barriers for both neurodivergent and neurotypical learners.

Brandi envisions a future where every child has equal access to the joy of learning. Her mission is to revolutionize education through innovative, inclusive, and science-backed resources that empower all children to overcome literacy challenges and reach their full potential.