Connie Baxter Marlow

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Connie Baxter Marlow
Connie is an author, filmmaker, photographer and futurist. Her uplifting worldview offers a practical means of transcending the current paradigm through absolute trust in a conscious loving, interconnected and abundant Universe as we proceed on the evolutionary upward spiral to Peace on Earth.
She has co-authored with her life-partner Andrew Cameron Bailey the game-changing book “THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm” which synthesizes indigenous cosmology, quantum science and Eastern and Western mysticism into a framework that is a unique articulation of Universal Truths and offers practical transformational tools for accessing a higher vibratory state of awareness where there is more beauty, balance, joy, freedom and abundance than we can fathom and Peace on Earth is realized. Connie and Andrew’s construct on the nature of the Universe resolves many of the paradoxes which have resulted in the current out-of-balance systems and behaviors. 
Connie’s insights come from her experiences over 30 years with visionary Native American elders, her ancestry of philanthropic politicians who championed the earth, water, animals and women and her own access to a higher frequency. She believes the only way out is UP, to a higher vibration and frequency through an evolving understanding of the nature of the Universe resulting in an evolutionary leap in consciousness. She sees from an eagle's perspective and reports back all that she sees.
Connie and Andrew's First Fifty Years Project revises revisionist history and illuminates the spiritual founding of the United States and the syntheses between the Europeans and the Native American that gave birth to the American mind, spirit and democracy. They have produced the film “SEEDS OF FREEDOM: A Vision for America” and Andrew has written the historical mystery novel "The Mayflower Revelations."
Over the past several decades Connie has sought a means of catalyzing a new synthesis between indigenous and non-indigenous worldviews through films, books, forums, photography exhibitions and inter-cultural relationships. All her work has been to share the heart, spirit and knowledge of the indigenous people for the evolution of humanity as we learn to walk in balance with all of Creation. She has produced the internationally-touring photography exhibit "Rhythms of Creation: Impressions of Indigenous Peoples of the World" and the exhibit  "Inspiration Katahdin! An Exhibit of Images and Ideas" with photography from her book "Greatest Mountain: Katahdin's Wilderness."
Connie and Andrew apply The Trust Frequency paradigm to the evolutionary aspect of relationships in their online course “The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution” which is available on Humanity Stream + Humanity’s Team Masterclass Platform.  It is also available on Thinkific.
Their documentary film “IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What do the Wise Ones Know?” is a companion piece to The Trust Frequencybook and features visionary indigenous elders, Western scientists and futurists. 
They ended their 20-year engagement with a wedding ceremony Christmas Eve day 2022 and began their never-ending honeymoon, at the same time launching Cameron/Baxter Galleries on-line, featuring their combined 100 years of fine-art photography - from the classic to the quirky.
They have presented their work at IONS, SAND, COSM, ISSSEEM, Unity Village Chapel, New Dimensions Radio, Eagle Quetzal Condor Global Convergence, Consciousness of Immortality Conference, the Thoreau Society, Parliament of the Worlds Religions, and numerous other venues.