Vancouver, Canada
Motivational speaker, self-help book author, kindness and peace ambassador
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2017)
Co-Founder of the One Humanity Institute, President and Founder, Children of the Earth, and is considered a visionary thought leader around the world
South Burlington, Vermont
Learn through play and exploration.
Mayne Island, British Columbia
Projects of Good Work Award
Winner (2017)
A plant scientist, equal rights and mental health advocate also with passionate about bridging the gap between science and society.
World- renowned ethologist and activist
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2022)
Founder at Future XYZ: Ideas Manifester, Social Impact Warrior, Podcast Producer, Author, Events Coodinator, Chinese Medicine Physician
Toronto, Canada
SDG Leader, TEDx Speaker, Social Enterprise Innovator, Musician, Author
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2020)
El Paso, Texas, USA
Peace Building Through Art - Inspired by Nature
New Brunswick, Canada
Chief Education Reimagineer
Islamabad, Pakistan
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2020)
San Fransisco
professor of philosophy and cultural history at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco
Visionary Leader
Winner (2022)
Sustainable Development Practitioner, Researcher, and Educator
We are a scientific community for sharing new ideas, viewpoints and healthy scientific discussions
Washington, D.C.
An authority on emerging technology, strategic planning, knowledge, innovation, and institutional change
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2022)