Brock Tully

Motivational speaker, self-help book author, kindness and peace ambassador
Vancouver, Canada
Brock is a native of Vancouver, Canada. As a young man, he took time off from university in 1970 to ride his 10-speed bike for 18,000 kilometres across North America in order to “find himself.” He completed his education and founded a book store in Vancouver focused on self-help publications. He wrote his own series of little books called Refelections, which had a worldwide circulation. His focus for societal improvement is to promote kindness, and in 1996 he founded Kind Acts, which became the Kindness Foundation of Canada. In 2000 he decided to repeat his North American bike ride, 30 years after he had done it before. This time he had a support team who arranged speaking engagements for him in schools and towns all over the USA and Canada, all in the cause of promoting kindness and counteracting bullying. His next initiative was to found World Kindness Concert in 2000, which he directed for 13 years, featuring world-class performers promoting messages of kindness and compassion and raising funds to help eliminate violence and bullying. In 2009 he set off again on his bike, this time travelling solo for 8 months, pulling a 70 lb trailer, speaking in schools to promote a kinder world through a program he called “Kindness Rocks in Schools.” Brock is a one-of-a-kind ambassador for kindness and peace.