Regenerative parenting for humanity

Christophe grew up in the French Alps, between Switzerland and Italy, in a middle class family, diving in the pleasant side of consumer society thanks to well caring parents who suffered as children of lacks during the hard time of 2nd world war.


He graduated as an engineer in agronomy, with a specialization in socio-economy at the Chair of comparative agriculture of the National Institut of Agronomy Paris-Grignon founded by agronomist and political ecologist René Dumont. It allowed Christophe to understand civilizations relationship with their territory, on all continents and at all times of history: how they were born, had bloomed, reached a climax, before starting decline and ultimately die, replaced by a new one, ...more efficient to serve people and life.

Life Purpose

In may 1992, Christophe realized what was the challenge of his generation. It was at the eve of Rio de Janeiro Global Summit about Environment. He participated to an international meeting of 350 studients in Toulouse - France, about Technologies and Planetary disbalances. The goal was to bring to Governamental Summit a studients contribution under the form of a commonly built convention on the subject.

It was an event supported by the Swiss Foundation Leopold Mayer for the Progress of Humankind, and organized to allow participative democratie through workshops and plenary sessions.

Christophe had a spiritual awakening at the exact moment of the reading of the common declaration about to be approved. It happened under the form of a kind of electric flow going up his spine up to the brain, that he will discover later to be the Kundalini awakening.

Nine years later, Christophe realized thanks to Astrology and Dan Rudyard's work on Sabian degrees, that the kundalini awakening happened because the event had connected him to his life purpose: participate to a collective creation analogue to "a choir of parishioners" unifying their voices in a common transcendant expressed intention. And it was exactly that.

This unexpected experience never left Christophe's mind since. It became his life purpose to contribute to intentional unity of mankind.

Family Commitment

Christophe get married with a colleague agronomist too. They walk together a common spiritual path, anchored in Catholic roots, becoming open to all religions and philosophies of life, seeking to contribute to the ecological challenge of their generation.

They decided to follow Gandi's path, becoming the change they wanted to see in this world.

It conduced them to adopt happy sobriety, inspired by Pierre Rabhi. Christophe worked for a christian organization in Paris then for an organic farmers regional organization in Angers, before recentering on family life. After 7 years, circonstances made them leave French metropole in 2005, cross the Planet for New Caledonia, then spend 3 years in Australia, before ultimately settle in the countryside of Bolivia, near a touristic and cosmopolite village called Samaipata.

Local Contribution

They run together a plants nursery for 7 years, until the pandemic.Then Christophe founded a local non-profit organization, Alianza - Samaipata, to help create sustainable development in the Municipality, gathering graduated people living here.

Global Contribution

Christophe is convinced, like Nelson Mandela, that education is key to create Peace on this Planet, regenerating the healthy Social Body existing naturally by God's design within Humanity on planet Earth.

It's a clear vision, fruit of Christophe's experience of parenting, birthing eleven children sleeping, in couple intimacy, and raising them close to Nature and their own Nature.

In a nutshell

Christophe is Guardian of his Sanctuary of Nature - Angelica in Bolivia, EcoProperty Designer, Sustainable development Facilitator for his community - Samaipata, Philosopher, Author, Thought Leader, Way shower, founder of 🐬 The Parenting Revolution, member of Water World Community and Citizen of the World.