Dr. Joe White

Founder of A Year Without War, Philosophy Professor, Author, Writer, US Professor of the Year
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Dr. Joe White
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2019)
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Founder, Executive Director of A Year Without War, Prof. Joe White, Emeritus Chair, Dept. of Philosophy, Santa Barbara City College, lectured in Philosophy for over 30 years. In Fall 2019, he was awarded the United Nations Association, Santa Barbara, Peace Award. He was selected by his peers as the Santa Barbara City College Faculty Lecturer and was later nominated as United States Professor of the Year. He has edited texts in Introduction to Philosophy, Adventures on the Frontier of Ignorance, and Political Philosophy, Assent/Dissent, along with a Student Guide for the 24 part TV series, The Examined Life.

A Year Without War (AYWW) is a growing, global, social movement focused upon securing a one-year global truce. AYWW has two primary goals in achieving this one-year global truce. First, have the United Nations extend their now traditional two-month global Olympic Truce by 10 months. This extension needs to be made at least four years in advance of the designated 10-month extension to their Olympic Truce. Presently, AYWW is seeking a 10-month extension to the anticipated 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Truce.

Second, during the four years prior to the enactment of the one-year Olympic Truce, the AYWW on-line community will shift into hyper-growth. With initial nations committing to secure the 10-month extension, sufficient momentum will be generated amongst celebrities and influencers to give VOICE to the hundreds of millions of people around the world who now understand that war is an anachronistic method of conflict resolution. Such an on-line AYWW community of hundreds of millions of engaged supporters will be the VOICE of the majority of us, who have never had a VOICE throughout history regarding war, to finally tip history, one year at a time, toward the abolition of war. WE, the People, will do this!

This on-going, growing global AYWW community will lobby their governments for compliance, monitor and enforce their nation’s compliance while proposing opportunities for social investment given their nation’s wind-fall from the Peace Dividend. Presently, approximately, conservatively, $2 thousand billion are spent annually by the world’s militaries.

What nation will be the first to initiate the 10-month extension? Who is the person, committee that WE need to convince? Who can you bring to the table to secure our 10-month extension to the Olympic Truce? Are you the one?