Karen Fowlie

Singer-Songwriter from West Vancouver, BC (Country / Rock)
West Vancouver, Canada
It's been Karen's passion to help grow the arts in West Vancouver and bring people together. Over the years she's created and helped create community events in order to establish performance opportunities for talented musicians of all ages. For over a decade she hosted weekly open mic nights in West Vancouver restaurants and pubs, helping to give performers an audience to play to and place to hone their abilities. She co-created nine variety shows in 2016/2017, showcasing many talented local musicians, comedians and actors in her community. The Fowlie and Friends Entertainment Society (FFES) was created in 2017 to help develop further entertainment opportunities through a talented board and many hardworking volunteers. The Society worked tirelessly and successfully brought a free tribute to Canadian Women in song concert to West Vancouver on Canada Day, 2017. Karen went on to write and produce a Christmas musical. She featured a talented cast of 14 and the play was held in the Kay Meek Centre of the Performing Arts in 2017. The Kay Meek Centre became a partner and together with FFES, the groups hosted four community open microphone nights, giving emerging artists a chance to showcase their best shows in 2017/2018. Not long after those events, Karen was recognized for her music and community efforts - in late 2018, she received the West Vancouver Arts and Culture Award.

Lately, Fowlie has been focusing on songwriting and recording. You can also see her regularly performing concerts of original music. Like people who say "hello" in another language to connect to others in friendship, Fowlie's team has just recorded a song in Chinese (Mandarin). They will be releasing "The Moon Represents My Heart" June 1, 2019 and invite all members of her community to come together in a celebration of music, art and diversity.