Suzanne Raja

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Suzanne Raja

Co-Founder & Head Facilitator

Suzanne Raja, along with husband Satyen Raja, is a co-founder and lead trainer of WarriorSage, the multi-million dollar transformational leadership academy that has trained over 100,000 people worldwide.

For years, she has privately coached business leaders, stage performers, CEOs of multi-national corporations, high-profile Public Speakers and noted physicians among others.  Her dynamic and heart-centered style has led her to speak on stages internationally, leading groups for Peak Potentials as well as Entrepreneurs Organization.  For her 20 years of service, Suzanne has been called “one of the foremost leaders and pioneers of the women’s transformational movement.”

As her practice and studies developed, Suzanne became ever more aware that the model of masculine success, while an important part of a woman’s journey into full integrated splendour, not only leaves out so much of what we women can bring to the world of enterprise, leadership and cultural transformation, but can also subtly and painfully diminish our natural lustre.

Bringing together deep trainings in transformative, therapeutic, shamanic and movement modalities, Suzanne has crafted a unique process/path for outstanding women leaders to channel their brilliance, effectiveness, excellence, heart and leadership through their unique feminine intuitive perception, care and clarity.

The result – her high-level clients show up relaxed, vibrant and ease-fully settled into the full spectrum of their power, capacity, fulfillment and happiness.  They are able to  express all sides of themselves and connect freely (even wildly) in intimacy and with new power and clarity publicly, shining their feminine, standing in their wisdom, fully embodied, aware and proud.  Newly grounded, and fully expressed, the leaders who work this path with Suzanne, find that they are able to radiate their gifts in every aspect of their lives, sharing the best of themselves with a blend of vitality, flow and joy that is known as “Peak Radiance".