Adil Kassam

Founder of Unify
Vancouver Island, BC
Adil Kassam 

Adil is a film, media, and tech entrepreneur who brings a loving heart to unifying humanity and elevating consciousness at scale. As founder of, he has hosted hundreds of Global Meditations with thousands of organizations and millions of participants over the last 10 years. UNIFY set its first Guinness World Record with the Chopra Center for the largest Global Meditation in human history. UNIFY has an engaged influencer network and reaches an audience of over 100 million people per month on Facebook. UNIFY conducts global meditations on World Water Day, Earth Day, Yoga Day, Peace Day and World Spirit Day.

Before UNIFY, Adil founded and exited several companies playing at the intersection of media, technology and consciousness. These ventures include Resonate Creative Labs, the Holosphere Immersive Dome experience, PlayItFWD, a transformative film-gifting platform that donates a portion of each sale to charitable causes related to the film. He also served as the CEO of Elevate Films (, a transformational media production house and founded Guru Digital Arts College, a private vocational institute that merges digital art and technology to empower youth to enter the digital media industry and Telepathic ( an immersive media agency.

Adil lives and creates out of his 10 acre sanctuary on Vancouver Island, getting his hands dirty in the garden and playing didgeridoo. He is currently inspired about building the Inner Peace Corps, an initiative taking meditation, yoga and education into refugee camps around the world.