Laurien Towers

Producer, Consultant, Live Events/TV/Concerts/ numerous International Peace Organizations

Laurien Towers has a dynamic and diverse professional background, Producing and Managing international conferences and large entertainment events. Her expertise includes creative development, strategic planning and production of live global telecasts, concerts, animation, documentaries, international film festivals, and business conferences, working with government agencies, Ministries, United Nations, NGO’s, private companies, performers and media outlets. She consulted for international business alliances, co-productions, joint ventures and in negotiations with government officials, embassies and consulates in the areas of oil, gas and wheat commodities. Laurien also worked extensively with international distributors of Ecological Efficient Energy, and Water Filtration Technologies for both industrial settings and communities without available clean water, including Africa and the Caribbean. Dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, Laurien has been involved with the development and production of positive, innovative projects that focus on children, women, Indigenous culture and traditions, humanitarian, homeless and environmental issues. “My life goal is to utilize my skills, talents and life-experiences to help promote awareness, understanding, and respect for human rights, and cultural traditions. I am committed to being of service and empowering communities to preserve indigenous wisdom teachings, cultural heritage, honor diverse artistic expressions and make every effort to bring about peaceful, constructive, environmentally-responsible, sustainable living conditions for all humanity and the planet.” “It is my personal belief that through the positive use of arts, music, film, media, internet and live events we can provide opportunities for people around the world to experience a sense of oneness and bonding beyond apparent differences, and help create a world that works for all – a world of compassion and peace.". EVENTS & CONFERENCES Feature Segments Producer, “LIVE AID” 1985 landmark concert, 17-hour live worldwide, satellite broadcast; Live Global Broadcasts - "Our Common Future", Earth 90" Conference/Concert Producer – “Belonging to Mother Earth: Indigenous Wisdom & Healing" Conference for representatives of Native American tribes and various Indigenous Nations worldwide. Co-Founder/Co-Producer, Annual Sept 21, “Peace Day Global Broadcast”, with the United Nations NON-PROFITS, BOARDS & AFFILIATIONS Founder/CEO – GlobaLink TV - Production, Project Management, Events, Music/Animation/Film/Theatre Founder/Executive Producer – “Rockin’ for Freedom” – International concert for Humanitarian Causes Vice-President, Productions & Media, Unity Foundation, Executive Director, Medicine for Humanity, Fundraising/Event Director, Children’s House International Adoptions Charitable Partnerships Director, Advisory Boards – African American Women in Cinema; Black Arts Los Angeles; Peace Channel E-Rotary Club of World Peace, Rotary International, EXPERIENCE & SKILLS  Producer, Director, Production Supervisor – Conferences, Concerts, Film, TV, Animation, Theatre  Non-profit fundraising, events, project development, management, marketing & outreach  Establish collaborative relationships/partnerships with community, staff & volunteers  Strong leadership, marketing and organization abilities; effective verbal & written communication  Entrepreneurial ability to create marketable products or projects that maintain and expand the integrity and intent of a company’s vision and mission  International network of professionals to consult and assist with any project as necessary