The Veterans Transition Program

Helping over 1000 male and female veterans returning from military service transition to civilian life.
Vancouver, Canada
Projects of Good Work Award
Winner (2017)
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The Veterans Transition Program is a group-based program developed by psychologists and medical experts at the University of British Columbia in Canada to help men and women returning from military service transition to productive civilian life. The veterans prefer an environment in which they can receive support and understanding from others "who have been there.” This support is provided through counselling interventions offered in a confidential group format with other military personnel. Developed by Dr. Marvin Westwood at the University of British Columbia (See Marvin Westwood in Lifetime Achievement Awards), the program offers group-based life review and therapeutic enactment interventions. Veterans are encouraged to bring the key members of their family to a group session. To date, over 700 veterans have participated and reported benefits. The program is now delivered by the national Veterans Transition Network with research and evaluation still at the University of British Columbia. The Veterans Transition program is a valuable, professional and compassionate service to veterans who have given so much for their country.