Successfully building trust between neighbourhoods and the police and decreasing crime statistics.
Calgary, Canada
Projects of Good Work Award
Winner (2017)
Humanity’s Team is the #1 global non-profit in Transformational Education. Since we are a non-profit, there is no focus on growing profits or satisfying shareholders, and 100% of all revenue goes toward our work supporting conscious evolution, planetary awakening, and flourishing at every level of life. Our mission is to make conscious living pervasive worldwide by 2040.
Founder at Future XYZ: Ideas Manifester, Social Impact Warrior, Podcast Producer, Author, Events Coodinator, Chinese Medicine Physician
Activist, founder of the 501c3 Tessa Foundation, rescuer of women trapped in human trafficking, food provider for the hungry, front-line defender of immigrant children, advocate for youth opportunity, writer, and yoga teacher, she makes change happen.
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2021)
New Brunswick, Canada
Chief Education Reimagineer
Helping over 1000 male and female veterans returning from military service transition to civilian life.
Vancouver, Canada
Projects of Good Work Award
Winner (2017)
North Vancouver, Canada
background in health librarianship, patient advocacy, and end-of-life literacy work