Our Shared Visions for the World

Together We can build a spiritual, humanistic, and ecological sustainable world
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Creating an online Participatory Process to build a Political Coalition of groups and individuals with Spiritual & Ecological Values, Visions, and Ideals for a Better World – a sustainable & equitable world. Imagine a political coalition of spiritual, religious, ecological, peace and social justice groups *Joining Together* to transform national & global politics that will make decisions based on the highest spiritual and humanistic Values. Step 1 is to Share your personal or group-organization's your visions, values, ideals, goals or proposals for a Better World – for the very best world possible! Step 2 is for individuals & group representatives to have an Online Participatory Conference using a 'consensus-building process' – of combining, merging and distilling all of the submitted 'shared visions' into 12 essentially shared visions, goals, values, principles, ideas, or proposals; which can then guide our national policies & international relations, as well as be an expanding Visionary Political Influence on national & global politics and policies. see - https://visionarypolitics.net/Shared-Visions