Boston, Massachusetts, USA
University educator, psychologist, co-founder, director and designer of The Girls Center
Visionary Leader
Winner (2020)
Vancouver, Canada
University Educator, President of the International Associatoin for Counselling, Psychologists, Father and Grandfather
Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2021)
Vancouver, Canada
Psychologist, educational innovator and entrepreneur, senior psychologist and founder of the Vancouver Learning Centre, expert in teaching and learning strategies for children, youth and young adults
Vancouver, Canada
Psychologist and Director of the Veterans’ Transition Program.
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2017)
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Member, Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch, past chair of the Board of Antioch University Santa Barbara, PhD in Counseling Psychology (USC)
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2019)