Jani Wittaker White

Founder at Future XYZ: Ideas Manifester, Social Impact Warrior, Podcast Producer, Author, Events Coodinator, Chinese Medicine Physician
After a long career in Chinese medicine, as a clinic director, senior practitioner, undergraduate and post graduate teacher, and as an international lecturer and conference speaker, I have recently done a pivot into my second career in Social Impact.

I am the founder and director of Future XYZ - a cross generational platform - bringing together 'The Seekers' & 'The Solutioneers': pairing people who want to explore a sector and through mentorship, internship, apprenticeship and education, to fast track people into solutions-based work that will help to heal our planet and repair & replenish our societies.

Our mission statement is "Inspiring Young People to view their future through a solutions-based lens"

Future XYZ is countering the deadly lack of hope and deep sense of helplessness that affect us all, most especially our youth. We truly have the capacity to change the tide of seeming destruction. By generating a platform that calls together all the many millions of solution-based projects, businesses, events and initiatives all across the globe, we can inspire and generate hope for our future by empowering our now.

Future XYZ accelerates Environmental, Civic and Social Justice and empowers our youth to prepare for the significant challenges this generation is facing. This platform is a global space for Gen X and Millenials (Y) to reach out a helping hand and pull Gen Z forward - creating the solutions.

Together we can change everything.

Future XYZ:


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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt