Humanity’s Team is the #1 global non-profit in Transformational Education. Since we are a non-profit, there is no focus on growing profits or satisfying shareholders, and 100% of all revenue goes toward our work supporting conscious evolution, planetary awakening, and flourishing at every level of life. Our mission is to make conscious living pervasive worldwide by 2040.

Dee Meyer is the Humanity’s Team Worldwide Director of Operations, dedicated to finding and offering the finest education and learning opportunities for living life in oneness. Dee’s passion is creating programs and events that nurture the heart and soul, connecting people all over the world. Before joining Humanity’s Team, Dee owned an award-winning Landscape Design business for 15 years. Prior to that, she owned another award-winning Catering Company in Seattle. Dee left the business world behind because she was called to be of service to our planet and the people on it. Shortly after this, Dee attended her first Humanity’s Team meeting and has been working with Humanity’s Team Worldwide ever since. Dee is also a gardener, photographer & artist, living in Colorado.