Piper Dellums

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Piper Dellums

Piper Dellums , daughter of Congressman and Oakland Mayor, Ronald V Dellums, is a film producer, director, screenwriter, public and inspirational speaker, host, advocate, author, survivor, and veteran motivational drama, arts and writing and corporate therapist specialising in issues of elder, child, domestic and sexual violence, abuse, addiction and trauma. She is also the co-founder and co-creator of THE HEALING HOTELS BY DREAMR- healinghotels.com. She is the mother of two daughters, Sydney and Dylan.

She is the CEO and founder of The Dellums and Davis Legacy Foundation , WeAreIIsLove, and Islove Retreats and philanthropic clothing boutique; Piper Dellums Productions and Golden pipeline productions. She is an executive producer at Raging Nations Films; and the executive producer and International Celebrity Ambassador of the 2020 and onward John Legend and Taye Da Prince, “Love one another” campaign, video and PSA bringing legislative and social awareness to International and domestic gun violence and gun law reform initiatives. Piper Dellums is the Director of creative marketing and film for two non profits in California rescuing women and children from domestic violence and human trafficking.

2022 Humanitarian Award Recipient

2021-2022 Oscar Consideration for CRACKA

2021- 2022 Myriad national and international film festival winner for “Legacy of Woman: Journey of the Drum” ; “About Love” “Pachamama”; and “Pachamama Love then anyway”- She is the director, writer, producer of seven documentary films about domestic violence; the missing and exploited women and children of Native American heritage and violence against members of the LGBTQ community.

Her films cover issues of the rise of the divine feminine, child brides, honour killings, domestic violence and environmental degradation.

Piper won Best Women’s Empowerment film in 2022; Best Womens Experiential Short in 2022 and Best Female Director in 2022 , Best Music Video and Best Native American Womens short..

Piper Dellums was the 2019  ABFF (American Black Film Festival)  Best Screenplay recipient for her feature film, STRIVE, starring Danny Glover; The 2019 Harlem Film Festival “Audience Choice:  Award for her producing of STRIVE. She is the writer and 168 film award recipient of, “Don’t Talk About Jesus” film. She is the 2019 recipient and keynote of the “Survivors Ball” Woman of the year award; and the 2018 Inspirique Circle of Light recipient with Oprah Winfrey for her dedication to victims and women's rights international advocacy work. She was the Senior Vice President of HMP (Helping Mankind on Purpose, EGTVN Productions and Television DISH network, and the creator, director and producer of 8 original content shows for the ACTS DIVISION of the network, and the Ambassador of Communication for SNTF. Piper was the founder of EAG Essential Artist Group Talent Agency, an accomplished writer, producer, inspirational speaker and entertainment executive. Her mission’s work focuses on human dignities, human trafficking, rape, trauma and sexual abuses, substance abuse, advancement and implementation of the 30 universal human & civil rights, freedom from depression, the past, and grief counsel.

Piper Dellums is a powerful inspirational speaker with over 25 years of experience; speaking at social and political activists’ conferences and events, women’s prisons, women's rights and empowerment conferences, myriad synagogues, churches, schools, and human rights forums all over the United States, Belarus, American Samoa, Europe, and South, East and West Africa. 

She has published fifteen books and produced/written/ directed a multitude of award winning feature, documentary and short films. She is an honored author in the Chicken of the Soup Franchise and the twelve part Grandma Leola series.

She was the keynote speaker at Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday celebration at the Spielberg/Capshaw auditorium in Los Angeles, Nelson Mandela’s LA vigil, International Day of Peace Celebration of Vietnam Vet and Peace Activist,  Safe children of Belarus, Help the children-Belarus, International Day of the Girl in American Samoa, American Samoan domestic and victims advocacy summit, The American Samoan Women’s Prison in-house drama therapy advocate, Super Woman Summit of Beverly Hills, INSPIRIQUE USA, NAPSA Summit and Award recipient (National Adult Protective Services Association), UHURU 400 African Americans journey to freedom, Senior Day Elder rights and Abuse Advocacy of Austin Texas, Ron Kovic for the MYHERO FOUNDATION, United Nations USA San Diego Annual Conference, and was chosen to be one of the United Nations USA Delegates at the CSW58- (Commission on the Status of Women).  She was the keynote, and is an active member of the International Superwoman Equality and Empowerment Summit on domestic violence and human trafficking; Celebrate Freedom, Celebrate Diversity, and University of California San Diego International House graduation., She is the keynote and a continuing advanced agenda advocate for AAA (Area Agency on Aging) & ETCOG (East Texas Counsel of Governments the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence); The Center for Aging and Elder Abuse; The Senior Life Midland Organization on elders rights and advancements; The Survivors Ball of Dallas; The juvenile correctional facility in Honolulu, Hawaii, The Puyallup Tribe of Indians, and The American Samoan Alliance against Domestic and Sexual Violence. She is the International Ambassador to Stop the Silence in Washington DC and has been the keynote at three International IVAT conferences, (Institute for Violence and Trauma). 

As a credentialed California teacher her determination to touch and heal the lives of children began with her puppet and dramatic arts therapy work with BAWAR (Bay Area Women Against Rape- Children's division), and was further unveiled in her establishing and designing curriculum's for the State of California, in addition to two institutions of learning, "Baby Earth", a Malibu based learning facility promoting ecological and cultural diversity and Awareness, and "Piper's Playhouse", a bay area based professional theater production house and arts education program.

Piper's passion for children was further exhibited upon returning from years of living in South Africa at the delicate time of the fall of Apartheid and release of Nelson Mandela. The Aids pandemic, disease and poverty of the African children, was the motivation behind her partnering to open Amandla exhibit of South African art to benefit the Nelson Mandela Children's Foundation; building 40,000 homes post Apartheid in Soweto, South Africa; and joining a delegation of medical, legal, and documentary film-making professionals to build hospitals, administer medical and missionary needs to over 5,000 Kenyans maimed after the bombing of the American Embassy in Kenya. Piper would travel later with this same delegation to Nkamba in Congo and begin ministering among the Kimbaquist nation of Congo. It was in the midnight hour, beneath a mosquito net and the cry of the gorilla when she was inspired to write her children's book, The Road to Nkamba.  This period of African missionary work was on the heels of a life transition and birthed the Grandma Leola series and corporation, dedicated to the lives, journeys, trials and triumphs of women of all ages.

Piper is a graduate of University of California, at Berkeley where she studied Psychology, Biology, and Theater. She earned her graduate degree in Drama Therapy with an emphasis in Bio Chemistry at New York University. She went on to teach writing, theater and film making before becoming a documentary film maker and covering issues of housing, third world sterilisation of women, global AIDS pandemic, the Daniel Pearl assassination, and other poignant stories throughout the United States, Israel, South and East Africa, and Europe.

An established and recognized author, Piper has published children's stories with Viking Press/Penguin Group USA, edited by Jill Davis in New York City. Her latest books are MOMMY and ME and the Things that are Free, The Road to Nkamba, The Lyric of Life, The Lyric of Love, and The Lyric of Lamentations. Her story, SIMUNYE, can be read in, "Open Your Eyes: Extraordinary Experiences in Faraway Places." The story is an autobiographical one about a white South African exchange student sent to live in her home in 1976 in Washington, D.C. The story was adapted into a Disney film entitled, "The Color of Friendship". The film won two Emmy Awards and an NAACP Image Award. Piper was named "Poet of the Year 2004" for her work entitled "It's Happening".  

 All films dedicated to spawning activism and missionary work and bringing awareness, funds, change and restoration to the homeless, the poor, teen addiction and exploitation, sex trafficking, gang activity, the Native American plight, and the AIDS pandemic in Africa.