We can do this!

The Story of Humanity
Song of Transcendence

A summation of human thought leading to the imperative of achieving global citizenship as the supreme accomplishment of the 21st century

Desmond Berghofer PhD and Geraldine Schwartz PhD
Visioneers International Network

What follows is a strategic plan of action.

To achieve a new competency in Global Citizenship (even if you are already well-informed…) set aside a few hours each week for yourself, in a timeframe of your own choosing to take a journey of 12 stops.

  1. Begin with the inspiring launch of the Visioneers project, called Waging Peace, Building Humanity’s Golden Peace. (This is an inspirational presentation for all ages of what Global Citizenship is all about.)
  2. Continue with the Introduction to the project.
  3. Then take the time to listen to each of the 11 episodes with wisdom keepers. Beginning in episode 1, each episode is integrated with the one’s that preceded it, thus producing a cumulative experience of the knowledge needed as a basic platform for higher order thinking about creative solutions and practices of becoming a global thinker.
  4. Episode 10 is a review and episode 11 launches the project into its next phase. When the 3 questions below are considered for each of episodes 1 – 9 the meaning of the episodes taken together emerges clearly and points the way to the possibility of creative solutions on many fronts.

Here are the three questions to be considered as you proceed on your journey:

  1. What is the meaning of the key thinking in this episode?
  2. How does what you have learned apply to your own community?
  3. What are some applications of this wisdom to acts, projects or programs in your community?